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No two situations are the same, so IBAP's services are always tailored to apply to the individual needs of our clients.

IBAP's Services

Independent Analysis and Advice

IBAP can provide the value of independent, expert advice. Perhaps you need to leverage additional expertise because you are moving your business into new areas or are running into problems in areas that are not your own core expertise. Perhaps you wish to validate the findings of your own team against a broader landscape or perhaps you're just looking for a fresh eye on your challenges.

Our advice is always:

  • Based on a sound and careful analysis of your particular circumstances - expertise applied to your situation and developed into recommendations on which you can act.
  • Developed independently to any relationships with other companies, vendors etc. We will fully disclose any relationships we have that may be seen to influence our advice.
  •  Provided in absolute confidence to you for your and only your use.

Through leveraging our specialist knowledge, experience and contact network we provide clients with access to the best available information analysis and advice within our specialist domains. In addition to provision of analysis and research results, we will provide follow up training and coaching and ongoing information updates.

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Business Integration and Outcome Alignment

Major technology projects are well known for high rates of failure and significant time and budget overruns. This translates into a significant proportion of projects that never deliver the expected business outcomes. Our outcome alignment services are designed to ensure that genuine business outcomes are consistently achieved.

Outcome alignment subordinates functional objectives to business outcomes on a contract-by-contract basis across the organisations involved. The objective is to ensure that all contributors to all aspects of the contract lifecycle understand and work towards the intended business outcomes, explicit and implicit. This in turn creates improved project and organisational efficiencies and gears the organisations to achieve improved business performance on future contracts.

Outcome alignment includes specific services such as:

  • Contract Life Cycle Management
  • Delivery Strategy and Risk Mitigation
  • Training and Coaching
  • Capability Management

The Outcome Alignment framework puts in place a project or operations steering system that will ensure current and future activities have the maximal ability to deliver the full range of desired business outcomes.

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