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"Independent, expert advice when you can't afford to fail."

Lawful Interception

Lawful interception is an increasingly critical activity in today’s world with the intense focus on security and threat detection. The requirements for law enforcement assistance are more strictly enforced than ever and all service providers are increasingly under pressure to meet all their obligations. Failure to do so can result in delayed or even blocked service introductions and technology advances - an impact that flows straight to the bottom line.

IBAP offers agencies, service providers and vendors alike the insight, experience and contacts you need to address the lawful interception challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our in depth knowledge of Australian and regional requirements, intentions and priorities provides our clients an excellent LI resource. We combine that knowledge with extensive experience in Lawful Interception and Telecommunications development to undertake: 

·         Strategic Planning, delivering customised LI plans meeting the goals and objectives of each organisation;  

·         Regulatory Advice, assisting service providers to meet their critical obligations; 

·         Solution Advice, identifying the right solution for client’s unique set of requirements and circumstances; and 

·         Solution Implementation, delivering the right capability into service efficiently and with full acceptance by all stakeholders. 

IBAP provide independent and up-to-date advice and assistance and engage with agencies and vendors to ensure solutions are optimized for our client’s objectives.